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My Story


Here’s a little about me: 

Coming from a conservative Punjabi family, my only career option was medicine. As a rather overweight and brown skinned teenager, often judged by others, fashion was never on the cards…until…

The changing point: 

Due to financial limitations, I took up the challenge to design and create my outfits for a family wedding. And guess what? The same people who judged me, were now applauding my creations! 

And that was it. The young girl, who hid in her shell and lacked confidence was now on her way of taking a 180 degree turn in her career. As I left behind a medical degree, I took a plunge and followed my heart - fashion & style.

At the London School of Trends, as I learnt the wonders of styling, my self confidence bloomed. The perceptions of others took a back seat, as I steered my own validation. 

And if making the right fashion styling decisions can transform my life the way it has, I’m sure it can transform yours too! 


After returning from London, I continued to gain experience at Marks & Spencer’s as a Personal Stylist. 

It was then that I realised that building confidence in fashion reflects strongly on all the other aspects of life. 


Over the years, I worked closely with individuals from all walks of life - from CEOs to celebrities, until I realised that my calling lied in helping others like me - real people who have incredible potential but lack confidence. 

And with that, Simrat Bohra - Personal Styling Services was born.

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